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As the Paradigm Shifts

The Internet is the electricity of the 21st century, and, like electricity, it is the application and appliances that drive demand, and the demand was fueled by advertising.


Advertising is the fuel that drives the Internet. Every business plan of the new economy relies on attracting consumers, producers of products and services, and advertisers. And data is the new currency.

When Steve Jobs wanted to introduce the paradigm shift, in concept, of the first WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) computer, which was the shift from character-based computing of a dot matrix printing to a dot matrix graphic user interface (GUI) he chose to advertise during the Super Bowl, to reach the largest captive TV audience.


He worked with his agency’s creative director, Jay Chiat, who chose Ridley Scott to direct a one minute commercial that cost one million dollars, and was shown once.


The message: “Why 1984 isn’t going to be like 1984.”


It was Ridley Scott who just released Matt Damon’s film, ‘The Martian.’


Two years later, when I was invited by Apple Canada to launch the world’s first ever laser printer that could, actually, print WYSIWYG graphic documents; not just see them on the screen.

In collaboration with Heidelberg Canada and Adobe, bringing the old technology together with the new, we published and printed desktop publishing, a revolution in the making, from concept typeset to print, with Comgraph 86.

Tools have evolved from the cave walls, to cyber-space, and from manual labour, to large brain cerebral idea machines. It is as if we’ve evolved from Homo Sapiens to Homo Silicons.

In 1968, Stanley Kubrick, another renowned director, produced his futuristic film, ‘2001 – A Space Oddysey’… a fantastic film!

The opening scene shows ape-like creatures discovering this monolith that no simple tool they possessed could produce. They are in awe, staring at it and touching it, in wonder of it.


Like they stood in awe of the monolith, we stand in awe of our quickly advancing technology, as each new generation provides us with faster connections, greater applications and more complex software, all intended to help us more and more in our daily lives.


Now, we live in a world where our monolith is in our hands. The new tool makers, Apple, Google and Microsoft have fed into this by creating millions of Apps that are not all applicable to our fundamental needs.


We are developing a solution, which is to return to the metaphor of the desk, to create an interface application that allows us to organize ourselves, not in a WYSIWYG, which is neurotic, “I want it when I want it” attitude. Compare that to a newly defined relationship from an old idea…that of, the desk.