The Digital Citizen Show – As The Paradigm Shifts.

May 12, 2016 at 3-5pm, webcast at ThatChannel.com10

“Something is happening, but tc-logo-plain-white-backgroundwe don’t know what it is…”
– Bob Dylan

CMN and ThatChannel Invite you to a Live Internet Event webcasts from Toronto’s Financial District.

CMN is launching a new Internet/Skype Show – “The Digital Citizen Show – As the Paradigm Shifts” will explore the evolution of technology, from Gutenberg to Blockchain, and asking the question: What impact will the Blockchain (Fintech) have on your future?

Norman Evans asked the same question with regard to UNIX in 1984 Focus On UNIX event with Don Tapscott and 32 years later will be focused on Don and Alex Tapscott’s book ‘Blockchain Revolution’ with a worldwide launch 05-05-2016 at the Rotman School of Business.

The show is produced by Norman Evans, Founder and Creative Director of The Creative Marketing Network, known for many successful strategic marketing campaigns including  two notable paradigm shifting events:

* The 1986 introduction of desktop publishing and first laser printer for Apple

* The launch of Microsoft Windows ’95 with a massive banner covering the CN Tower



THEN. NOW. NEXT. Why 1984 wasn’t like 1984!

  1. THEN – 17 May 1984 – Focus on Unix
  2. NOW – 12 May 2016 – From Unix to BLOCKCHAIN
  3. NEXT – Countdown to 2020 – S.T.A.R PLAN Methodology: ‘Plant The Work – Work the Plan’

“This first show is a celebration of the 30th Anniversary of CMN – The Creative Marketing Network Inc., one of the first integrated advertising / PR / Event Agencies focused on delivering value-added solutions and marketing strategies for emerging technologies companies using a unique planning process – The S.T.A.R. System© – Since 1986 we applied this methodology to launch leading technology brands including Microsoft Word.” said CMN co-founder and Creative Director Norman Evans.

We are marking this occasion with a live webcast from the studios of at 600 Bay Street in Toronto.

If you would like to Skype in to this show of future shows, contact us here:

“UNIX is gonna be big” Don Tapscott to Norman Evans (referring to the 1984 event)